About Microdosing

Combining age-old therapeutic herbs with emerging cannabis research Mr. Moxey’s creates microdosed products that offer the potential of exceptional well-being.


Microdosed so you decide

Delectable, portable and discreet, Mr. Moxey’s mints are the #1 edible in the Northwest. Popular among those that want the right amount of THC and CBD to suit their productive lives, these microdosed mints enable you to choose just the right amount of cannabinoids for your system and create balance in mind and body.


Plant Sourced Wellbeing

Each mint is infused with THC and CBD derived from sungrown cannabis plants sourced from partner farmers in each state where Mr. Moxey’s are sold. True to the all-natural loving Pacific NW, Mr. Moxey’s Mints are infused with cannabis that is pesticide-, herbicide-, fungicide- and GMO-free.

We use a full spectrum, strain specific CO2 infusion to harness the most complete range of plant compounds and provide a full entourage effect.